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this one was so unexpected, it has become such a delight. they would like to do a lot more than show up for one game in the playoffs. this benefits the orioles when you think about the fact that on paper it is a matchup that favors the rangers. they have j jhh hamilton, they have allegeded a aetr s srtrt. onapap, thiss game goes the way of the rangers but all season long has been the orioles' formula. the rangers have fallen into the supply of game. -- this playoff game. it might work perfectly for the orioles magic. >> i like our chances and the fact that it is a free-for-all. i think it will be really fun game. >> it is all from ourselves, the rangers or whoever would not
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have gotten in over a tie- breaker, it offered us an opportunity to play. i would say that it has worked. >> st. louis took a the wild card to a world series championship. >> what a beautiful night for baseball and baltimore. too bad the game is in texas. it is the same temperature here as in arlington. we are across the street, setting up for a big crowd later on tonight. you would think this is a home game. they expect a big crowd to come out here. one of the trucks on the right side of your screen, we will talk to some orioles fans. a longtime fan of the orioles. can you believe that they will
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be playing a playoff game? >> along time coming since 1997. hopefully they can take care of business. >> are you nervous? >> of this is the one team i really didn't want them to play tonight, but i think they can do it. >> are you nervous? >> i am little nervous. >> i heard you had some thoughts on the game. what are you thinking? >> they're playing poorly, we got this. they will be out here supporting us. >> we expect a big crowd here. we will send it back to you in arlington. >> there should be plenty of optimism and why not?
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back in the playoffs, that is a great accomplishment. they will have to go to the formula that has worked so well this year. but the fabulous bullpen hold lot and they will have to get a decent start out of saunders. we will hear from the starting pitcher about what it means to him to be able to take them out on the first playoff game in 15 years. >> center did on north texas, we are tracking and driving down into the plains of north texas. it is clear and warm with temperatures in the '80s, but there might be showers developing their has a strong cold front moves in the north texas. it will reach a baltimore in the afternoon and has triggered quite a bit of rain from chicago to cleveland and boundary to
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baltimore later on in the afternoon. a clean sweep on radar. more on that with the seven-day forecast and a few minutes. >> we told you about this story last week, a series of break- ins and howard county. the culprits would have gotten away with it if it horne's for the things they cut. ravens tickets. in one case, the victims snatched tickets to the raven's browns games on the twenty seventh. detectives went to that game, approached the people and interrogated them. it turns out they bought the tickets from a woman and had her name to prove it. >> officers were there to take them out of the seats and question them. they learned that he did have information about the folks that have sold and the tickets and he was able to lead us in the right
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direction. >> they have evidence that led them to the arrest of diana and joe. >> tonight, police and federal agents trying to find a violent offender that gave them the slip after promising to act as an informant. it raises questions about why they would trust the man to begin with. a story you will see only of the news. -- on the 11 news. >> even though that is to authorize a deal, a man with a violent history called them into thinking he was on their side. >> the night of september 25 in northeast baltimore according to federal documents. police arrested the 31-year-old
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zachary martin who had bailed out of the car and once caught, he's admitted carrying a gun. but he was never charged. he convinced police and prosecutors to allow him to be an informant with the promise of leading them to even bigger players in guns and drugs. they held off until his cooperation was done. he is taken by his handlers to an east baltimore housing project, the location he gave. a few minutes after walking in, police lost track of him. when they went looking for him, the only trace was the recording device he had been wearing. his record suggests he may not have been the most trustworthy informant. he walked away from a federal detention facility and was charged with escape. he was in the federal prison system because of a 1999 case
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involving illegal gun possession. and before that, charged and convicted of state charges of attempted murder and gun violation -- the gun violation at the age of 14. the warrant is out adding to his reputation as a repeater offender. law enforcement experts tell us that prosecutors filed charges against an informant first. authorities refused to release his picture and city police refused to release the report of his arrest, usually a routine piece of public information. >> a police chase got a little too close for comfort the students and staff at a nearby elementary school when a neighbor spotted a burglar tried to break into the home. police were hot on his trail through the neighborhood and
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dangerously close to lakeshore elementary. school was about to dismiss for the day. officials decided to delay dismissal, until police gave them the all clear. the suspect has been arrested. >> it turns out of monday morning house fire was no accident. someone set fire to the house. we are joined live tonight with an interesting twist. >> the police tell us before the fire was set, the home was robbed, burglarized, i should say. they got away with a 2006 porsche of. they're hoping the automobile will lead them to the arsonists. firefighters monitor the smoldering remains of a home on monday morning, a fire that almost seriously injured a
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female firefighter that fell through the first floor while the home was building. >> that firefighter was quickly located, identified, able to make it out on her own with some assistance. >> investigators have been able to determine that was deliberately set. >> there are two points of origin meeting that the fire was started in two separate locations in the house and the investigators found an accelerant was used to help spread the fire. >> of the home was burglarized before it was set on fire, the culprits getting away with a television, dvd player, and a 2006 porsche fell with maryland tags reading 584m126. they can say for certain whether the home was targeted or the crime was random.
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>> we are not able to say at this time if it was a target or a random act. gosh the police and fire investigators are reaching out to the public, anyone that might have seen this vehicle to call the arson squad. >> breaking news out of venerable county, police on the scene of a body that was found in the bathroom of a mcdonald's along baltimore and annapolis boulevard. there is nothing suspicious about the discovery of the then there is a body there. we will monitor that story for new developments. gosh most countries in maryland cannot sell liquor. >> there are statistics that can give opponents a much stronger
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case. >> a 21-year-old man went to a bar and was shot to death during a chaotic rule. disturbing video. >> in the unemployment rate falls to a new low. find out why and what it means in the race for the white house.
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>> crews will be working through the weekend to try to fix the sinkhole that has opened up an east baltimore. you first saw this last evening. officials on the scene of the third sinkhole to open up since the initial opening in july. since then, that section has been closed to traffic as crews worked to repair the problem. the second opened in august. you can see a time line on our web site. >> wouldn't it be great if the beer or wine would be from the very same place we are buying food? a lot of people really liked that idea. 64% say they favor being able to buy beer and wine at chain stores like grocery stores and only 31% are opposed.
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a majority of voters in every region of the state support beer and wine sales at grocery stores. >> better than expected news on the jobs front. >> it is the first time in nearly four years. we have more on the september surprise. >> the report could be a boost for the president after less than stellar debate performance this week. >> from ohio to virginia. >> one month from tomorrow. he will step into a voting booth. >> watching the calendar and the latest jobs numbers. >> more people are getting jobs. got to the unemployment rate
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fell to 7.8% while the economy added 114,000 jobs. he says the figures don't reflect what a real recovery looks like. >> when i am president of the united states, the unemployment rate is going to come down not because people are giving up and dropping out of the workforce but because we are creating more jobs. >> some critics question the better than expected hallstatt thread before the election. jack welch wrote, unbelievable jobs numbers. the chicago guys will do anything. can't debate? exchange members. others say that the data is credible and they stand by their work. >> i think the chance there is any intervention or political pressure is really zero.
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>> there is only one more jobs report could go, four days before voters cast their ballots. >> why did the unemployment rate dropped so much this month? >> if came down from 8.1 to 7.8. part of the reason is the number of people employed it jumped substantially and the number of jobs created back in july and august are much higher than the government had originally estimated. many of those recent job gains in of the health care and transportation sectors. >> you have to expect this could impact a presidential race. >> absolutely. of candidates responded, we expect them to continue to spend those numbers. no president has been reelected with the unemployment rate collected above 8%.
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coming under that barrier could improve the reelection prospects. expect governor romney to continue to target the president as he did today with the campaign releasing several new ads on the issue. >> another warm day and early october, enjoy it while at lasted. at 82 degrees down town right now, where above normal. western maryland, the mid to upper 60's in this hour. it will stay fairly mild overnight. tomorrow, the wind shifts to the northwest. we will start to feel fall coming back in full force. in north texas, the same front is working in that direction and might kick up a couple showers.
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running about 30% chance of a shower at first pitch. it is about 80 degrees in arlington right now. there may be some scattered showers in the area with of the north agrees that the northerly wind that cools things into the '60s as we head towards the end of the game. the 30% chance will persist as the front is moving through. the same fraud that triggered snow in northwestern minnesota yesterday, it is pushing showers and to the ohio valley and a stretch of the way down in the north texas. has the system we're watching and will cross the mountains tonight and tomorrow morning, pushing toward baltimore with major temperature changes. you can see the dramatic temperature drop, a lot of that due to the showers that lender on the west side of the front.
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dropping through dallas right now at 82 degrees, the front is right about there and the wind about to shift to the north. perhaps producing a couple scattered showers later this evening. we will watch the front movement in the afternoon. timing looks like a noon-4:00. the wind will be out of the southwest and shift to the northwest as the front rows by. it will get breezy in the afternoon. before the front gets here, temperatures start to drop quickly. out on the day, watch for the wind shift reducing visibility late in the day. heading into the mountains? ticket jacket. only 53 tomorrow with a shower and highs in the mid 40's on sunday. an outside chance that those rain showers will mix with the wet snow in the highest
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elevations sunday night and monday morning. most of the day will be mild, may be close to 80 degrees. showers in the area on sunday, a high of only 58. the passage of the front in the saturday and sunday. 76 tomorrow, turning breezy and cooler. probably some showers, a high of 56. 38 monday morning and down the 37 tuesday morning. temperatures recover a bit, back around 70 the middle of next week. >> concern continues to grow over the recent outbreak of a rare meningitis. >> the latest from health officials including what and where they are infected and the timeline for the infection. >> details on the recent bad bug infestation when we return.
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barnhill: you hear a lot of talk about question seven...
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got to the annual race for the cure is weeks away but registration numbers are down. the twentieth year in baltimore, but the group says registration is down by 42% and donations are 55% lower than normal. they're blaming the weak economy, but the decline comes months after a controversial decision to stop funding for planned parenthood. the group reversed its decision after explosive backlash which led to the resignation of the race for the cure vice- president. the cancer fund third annual half marathon, the organization announced live strong founder and cyclist lance armstrong will be racing this year and some participants are not happy about it. that is because he has been banned for life from all sports
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because of the anti-dumping allegations. they had to draw qualifications as a sanction regime. >> in tonight's medical alert, more of a deadly outbreak of a rare fund will meningitis that has affected to people, killing one of them. providers are scrambling to notify patients in two dozen states that the routines to write injections' may have been contaminated. it became apparent yesterday that hundreds and perhaps thousands of people that got the shots between july and september might be at risk. the time from infection to onset is anywhere from a few days to one month. the number of infections has not got out. if a list of facilities on the web site.
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reports tonight that an on- campus apartment building is infested with bedbugs. the university warn students of the bugs in an e-mail. the outbreak is affecting those that live in the south campus, and is building. the warning was no surprise to many students reporting constant bug bites. david shows the red marks left behind. for us haven't offered to live anywhere else. >> the university doesn't disclose how many are affected but those that are have been of advised -- have been advised to keep the clutter of the floor and their rooms. they feed on blood often but not always at night. the number of bed bug infestation has climbed rapidly since the mid-1990s. >> if you need proof that bullying is a problem, these new
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numbers are disturbing. education officials are coming together to figure out how to cut back god and identify a bully. >> police have just released surveillance video of a bar surveillance video of a bar fight
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>> a 20-year-old man's night out ended with him shot and killed during a bar brawl. a month later, police have yet to make an arrest. >> investigators released the video of the chaotic fight hoping it will bring him closer to the killer. we're live at city police headquarters with late breaking details. >> of the search continues for the gunmen and police are hopeful the someone will recognize the bearded man in this video. this captured the chaos at the crossroads station that night clarence ross was murdered. he conceived as a bearded man pullout what looks like a gun as people around him scatter. that happened inside of a nightclub almost three weeks ago, but he remembers it like it was yesterday. >> i was of their, had the shot
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went off. some people allege that way, others ran that way. >> a type of fight or a disturbance occurred. our government, we believe, fired off a least one round, striking the victim fatally. >> he died from his injuries about a week later. police are trying to determine what provoked a fight inside the club and they are hoping someone recognizes the gunman. >> a lot of kids out here late at night and i like to have a drink now and then. >> a lot of unanswered questions going on. as the investigation continues, detectives are urging witnesses to come forward. >> there are people out there that know the answers to these questions, we just need them to come forward. >> police are asking anyone with
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information to call. >> for the orioles, it's winner- take-all tonight in texas, three hours of 4 they take on the rangers. we'll check back with pete gilbert. you have been around the clubhouse for the last week, was the mood of the guys and the management? >> let's talk about the manager for a minute. it can't be a coincidence that his second full season with the yankees, they went to the full -- postseason, diamondbacks, same thing. manager of the rangers. and now he has done at once more with the baltimore orioles. his ability to turn around a team and make clear is accountable for their actions, it is truly remarkable. they have him in their hands at
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that as a tremendous advantage. they all like washington, but strategically, walter has the edge. there was a little bit of disappointment. they lost two out of three, and they give up their opportunity to possibly win the american league east switched the yankees ultimately won or lost this game today when they lost their final game of the regular season. they understand they are in the post season and in a one-game playoff, they're really like their chances. >> he said on paper, texas looks like a stronger team, but they have been defying the odds all season long. >> this matter out, when he let out, it goes the way of texas but it would have been like that all season and the orioles would have won 65 games. the worst team in baseball this year, the astros still won 54
5:34 pm
times. anytime you take the field, there is a chance to win. the orioles and the rangers each won 93 games. the orioles have to accept the fact that they are a good baseball team and they have every bit as much of a chance to face the yankees as to the rangers. >> who wins tonight? >> i have gone back and forth on this. because of their history this year, the rangers has been playing so well. the orioles magic all year long, what i thought was going to end, it didn't. i say why not, they will play sunday night against the yankees. >> we said we were looking for the orioles biggest fans, we think we might have found them.
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go to our mobile application or our web site. >> here is a look at some of the other top stories, the search on for a person that burglarize a home before setting -- before setting it on fire. flames broke out monday morning along the 7000 block. they uncovered an accelerant was used to start a fire in two separate locations. the burglars also took the dvd player and television. police say they have sold a string of home burglaries' from a pair of stolen raven's tickets. the burglaries have been taking place for the past few weeks, had two people from el dorado county have been charged with four break-ins and a link to a least 10 more. they traced one of the stolen tickets to the ravens and the browns game.
5:36 pm
then they interrogated the people in the seat and it turns out the unsuspecting football fans purchased their tickets from one of the burglars. >> a 3-week-old baby is dead tonight. >> what led to the terrifying incident and what the mother was doing at the time. >> a frustrated perrin shows up at a bullying prevention conference. how her cry for help is being handled.
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>> breaking news from sarasota. a pile of 30-40 vehicles on interstate 75, reports indicate a crash happened just after 3:00 this afternoon, closing all southbound lanes of the interstate.
5:40 pm
multiple injuries reported and that the weather may have been a factor in this crash. abb killed by a pit bull. the dog attacked the child after her mother walked away after putting the infant car seat on the floor. the dog was being fed outside what is left in the house and attacked the baby. the dog will be tested for rabies before being euthanize. >> american airlines preventing seats from coming loose. they will upgrade the mechanism and all of the planes. yesterday, 50 flights were cancelled at 44 expected to be scrubbed today because of the work at the heels of an incident that happened earlier this week when seats actually came loose during flight. it is a combination of where, for design, and soda on the track. >> about unprecedented but
5:41 pm
welcome dilemma. high demand to live downtown. got an 97% capacity. the new plan to make room for more. >> details on the london-based hoare website, students paying off $80,000 in student debt. >> a strong cold front gets here tomorrow. tomorrow.
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so let me tell you what i know: if question seven passes, my company's going to... bring table games, like blackjack and poker... right here to baltimore. a twenty-five million dollar investment... that'll create five hundred new jobs. all right here. today, marylanders are spending $500 million gaming... in other states. let's keep it here. i'm chad barnhill, and we're ready to build right here. we're ready, and it's real. and all that has to happen... is question seven. gosh at 6:00 could be the end of the holy office or the beginning for the orioles. live from texas and downtown baltimore. using them to avoid going back
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to prison, the team investigates the search for fugitives. the search for fugitives. these stories a ♪ chances are, you're not made of money, the search for fugitives. these stories a so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save.
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>> more now on the breaking as we told you about the top of the hour, officers found a body in the bathroom there. what is the latest? >> this is baltimore annapolis boulevard, police remained on the scene here where they found a body in the bathroom. they don't know the full circumstances, but they are treating it as a criminal investigation. a a lobby remains closed but the
5:45 pm
drive-through is open. we will update you as we know. >> are you ready for this? this is not video from last winter. parts of north dakota are giving blanket it with snow. not enough to build illegitimate snowman yet, but it led to power outages. the national weather service is calling for more tonight into the weekend in that area. the area saw temperatures in the mid '80s. >> and below freezing temperature has taken a bite out of this year's apple crops. producing only about 1/4 of the apples that in the past years. warmer air caused trees to bloom early and when the temperatures dropped, most of the fruit did not make many orchards had to rely on each other for help.
5:46 pm
>> this is probably the second time in history we have had a bite out roles outside of our orchard. this year, we are running short and we did buy a few. >> it can still take a toll on fruits. even next year's crop of strawberries and blueberries could be affected. >> nothing better than a fresh out will write off a tree. >> blueberries are my fruit. >> what is your fruit? dawson that as another half-hour show. we won't go there today. the >> of a couple more hours of the warm air, it will turn a lot cooler tomorrow afternoon, dramatically to alert. where above normal bowel. 11 degrees above the average today. the morning low of 59, at and above the average low of the 49
5:47 pm
degrees. 81 degrees, and the mountains, temperatures in the 60's. 54 in the suburbs, southwest winds at 5 miles an hour. it is only 54 in cleveland, '30's and a midwestern. the cool air, that cold air is rushing to the south and east with the front expecting to get here tomorrow afternoon, moving to the dallas area. that means they run a slight chance for a couple of scattered showers there is about 30% chance of a shower. the station there is oriented to the southeast, it will be
5:48 pm
carrying baseball's to right field. the weather might cooperate with us. it continues all evening long and there might be showers in the area, but the north wind will help left-hander's put the ball toward right field. across the mountains and reaching baltimore tomorrow, from noon to 4:00, we run the chance of showers popping up. the front moves off the coast, temperatures falling. it keeps us very chile on sunday. the seven-day forecast calls for showers in the afternoon and the west wind kicking in at 20 miles an hour. watch for that wind shift and a small craft advisory.
5:49 pm
what the temperature dropped by 20 degrees tomorrow and sunday, temperatures dropping into the '30's by monday morning. it is possible that could mix with a little snow before monday morning. it will start chile, the mid 30's. finally we are back to 70 degrees on wednesday. >> we begin with news of the new plan for the mayor to create a 13-year tax credit for developers of downtown apartments, a push to get more people to live in the downtown core. it encourages developers to convert off as buildings and apartments. officials tells us -- officials tell us that have been struggling with bad lately. two dozen locations downtown could become living spaces and the plan -- the plan has focused on large scale transforming a
5:50 pm
project that will bring 50 units or more. the demand to live downtown is increasing and right now, there are just not enough places for people to live. economists surprised by today's jobs report in a good way. how they were expecting to see it go up and fought and won it fell to 7.8% in september as a number of people employed disorder by 873,000. the number of people with part- time jobs rose 7.5%. how many are puzzled by the numbers questioning the report's accuracy. but they say every month, professionals from the bureau of labor statistics are walled off even from each other to pore over surveys. 140,000 businesses were only question about employment were asked.
5:51 pm
>> to have a very different set of numbers and as i understand it, that is one reason they do it, to maintain the integrity of the process. >> some believe it is related to the unusual number of part-time workers. welcoming the newest department store and the news has shoppers thrilled. the dissenters newest entrant department store, celebrating the grand opening all weekend long. you can shop through the merchandise before it officially opens on sunday. tickets available for $5 and then is open for business at the start of the week. starbucks taste tests a new menu. they're adding to that, ham and cheese, muffins, and more. they are being tested right balance and francisco with plans for a nationwide rollout. >> i think they have been
5:52 pm
serving muffins for a while. here is a idea for college graduates. so your face. two students have launched a web site at their offering the paint advertising on their faces had posed photos. they spent about $100 of face paint and began approaching small companies. 150 companies have used their faces as advertising. the two of them had about $80,000 in student debt and they have paid out of completely. finally tonight, a really special surprise for the high school shooting victim. he got to visit the ravens. the specter pop up this afternoon. as you know, he was shot on the first day of glasses, very seriously injured.
5:53 pm
he has been recovering from the shooting last month. they invited him down to visit the team's practice had this picture is from torrey smith, him and ray rice. for orioles fans, it comes down to the game tonight that besides the rest of the fate for the postseason. pete gilbert is live in arlington where attention is running high. >> a statewide bullying prevention conference. how is helping meet the needs of one frustrated parents. [ male announcer ] for the dreamers...
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and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments, and help ensure access to credit. because we know how important cash flow is to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you.
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>> the number of reported bullying cases continue to rise. how they conduct more trading and today they held a yearly conference to train teachers and administrators and students how to recognize the liang. kim has the story. >> 4000 maryland students say they are either believe or harassed on campus. the state held the annual two- day conference. the mission was to find a way to prevent bleeding. how they will try to cut through what she sees as red tape when it comes to dealing with suspected bullying cases. they say her daughter has been
5:57 pm
bullied at school for the past three years. >> she has sustained a concussion, contusion to the eye, which, -- or at last, she has scars and bruises. it is worse on paper because it is only good if people are really enforcing it. he the administrators, the teachers, the guidance counselors, people affiliated with the school system. gosh they admit more needs to be done. that is why they have called for more training. >> they have spoken to the principle, they have spoken to the students, it is still not enough. as we come together, what else can we do to help these people.
5:58 pm
>> another major concern, cyber- bullying. >> right when most kids become active on the internet. we know that they are more inclined to be involved in the bullying, the girls. the boys are more face-to-face type. .> in college park, tim tooten >> that is all for us at 5:00. >> live in arlington, texas. we will hear from the man that will start the first orioles playoff game in 15 years. >> a story you want to talk about. they thought he was on their side. >> the state police reveal the next best public gave you -- debut of the medivac
5:59 pm
helicopter. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is 1 1news at 6:00 p.m. -- 11 news at 6:00 p.m. >> 160 games later, getting a chance to enjoy the post-season party. >> it is all learn nothing tonight, beginning the live team coverage outside of the ranger'' ballpark in arlington. >> it is amazing to think of all the different story lines. they have been with the orioles for about two months, joe saunders. if nothing else has made a whole lot of sense. despite the fact that his resonate is on -- his era is 9, but he has had a couple good starts.
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